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Affiliate Banners

Affiliate Banners are for use with your Affiliate Links to our store.  If you link directly to the banner it will automatically change when this image is updated.  You are free to capture the banner and store it on your own server as well.  Remember to add your own hyperlink with your affiliate ID in the code.  Need more?  Just ask.  Visit our Affiliate Images, Affiliate Log In and our Affiliate Info pages for more info.

Grab the code and put YOUR tracking number after "tracking="
<a href="http://www.wholefamilyproducts.com/catalog/?tracking=5127ccb5c51f4">/<img alt="Lose While You Snooze gel caps Lose Weight While You Sleep" src="http://wholefamilyproducts.com/catalog/image/data/affiliatebanners/losewhileyousnooze468x60.png" style="width: 467px; height: 60px;"  align="left" /></a>

Copy the code and change your affiliate tracking number after the "=" sign.  Then change the text of the product you are pointing them to.  Next change the source of your image, along with the width and height and voila, you are ready.  Paste your code on your page and wait to collect an affiliate check.