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Adrenal Care African Mango Alive Probiotics Arginine Gel B12 Sublingual Blood Sugar Blend
Bentonite Healing Clays Candida Formula Cardio V Specialist Cycle Balance Cream Cycle Balance Plus Daily Fruits
Daily Veggies Detox Foot Pads DHEA Creme Digestion Specialist EPA DHA Fish Oils Estriol Creme
Estriol Oil Female Hormone Balance Fertile Lady Fertile Male Fertility Tracker For Gray Hair
How To Sleep Remedy Infertility Cleanse Joint Symptoms Lose While You Snooze capsules Lose While You Snooze Liquid Menopause Complex
Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse MSM Gel 1 One Day Diet Wafers Pom Ellagic Acid Pregnenalone Creme
Prenatal Multi Prenatal Multi with DHA Fish Oils ProstatEase Raspberry Ketone Red Raspberry Leaf
Sleep Weight Loss Super Energy Plusl Super Immune Booster Super PRO Immune Booster Testo-Creme for Men Testo-Creme for Women
Thyroid Caps Weightloss Green Coffee

Get to know our products:

1 Day Diet Wafers - Retail: $39.95

1- One Day Diet Wafers plan offers people a better way to stick with a diet and lose weight–by only dieting one day at a time. With the 1 Day Diet Wafers plan, you are never more than 24 hours away from your favorite foods. This diet is convenient, safe, natural and very easy to stick with.

Alive ProbioticsAlive Probiotics – Retail: $19.95

Outstanding probiotic blended complex with the top probiotics of today in one formula. This product was developed as a separate product or to enhance the Super Immune Booster product below. Both are stand alone products but purchased together make a powerful and “super” immune boosting experience. Safe and natural; gentle and effective results.

SuperImmune BoosterSuper Immune Booster – Retail: $19.95

Super Immune Booster is packed with today’s best know antioxidants and immune system boosters; thus its name. Powerful ingredients, herbs and wholefood concentrates. Combined with Alive Probiotics for a “super” immune boosting experience. Safe and natural; gentle and effective results.

Fertility TrackerFertility Tracker- Retail: $44.95

The Fertility Tracker is the non-invasive choice for tracking your ovulation using the saliva method of monitoring fertlity. The Fertility Tracker comes with 6 slides, microscope, case and a 44 page booklet which unlocks the mystery of using saliva to predict your ovulation and fertile times. Used for NFP (natural family planning) and baby gender selection as well.

Cycle Balance Progesterone Cream – ON SALE $16.95
(Retail: $18.95)

We feel that we can honestly say “We have the best progesterone cream available.” The reason for this is that Cycle Balance Natural Progesterone Cream is cold-pressed, never heated, for better bio-availability. Cycle Balance goes in better and feels more like a top of the line moisturizer than a body cream. You’ll love how it goes in so quickly and your skin will love you for it too. Use as a moisturizer for your face and you have two products in one.

Lose While You Snooze capsulesLose While You Snooze gelcaps – Retail: 23.95

Collagen and Aloe Vera along with CLA make for an ideal diet and weight loss product; the best diet pill around. Take 3 capsules on an empty stomach just before bed and watch the inches fade away while you sleep. Wake up in the morning better rested and leaner. Gain lean muscle and lose fat.

Lose While You Snooze Liquid by Whole Family HealthLose While You Snooze Liquid – Retail: 29.95

Naturally occurring amino acids such as L- trytophan, and L-carnitine from the collagen, in the Lose While You Snooze formula have been shown to promote a deeper and restorative sleep that lets you wake up refreshed and re-energized the next morning.

MojoRxMojo Rx- Retail: $19.95

Get your “mojo” back with Mojo Rx.

Great herbs and amino acids perfectly formulated to put the howl back into every man and the “power” to back it up.   Don’t merely wish your sex life could be what it once was, make it happen.

This is not a male enhancement product but one design to create healthier “swimmers” for men and more abundantly. Sperm count, motility, morbidity, semen quantity and number are just important to men as egg quality for women. Fertile Male for Men is designed to give you the magic number needed to increase male fertility and virility.

Detoxifying Foot PadsDetoxifying Foot Pads- Retail: $1 . 20 each (as little as $ . 60ea)

You’ve seen the commercials on TV about how just putting a patch on your feet by night can give you a better night sleep, detoxify your body, remove pain from joints and so much more. Well it’s true, inexpensive and easy to use.

Detoxifying Foot Pads give you results you can see with your own eyes the next morning.

Joint SymptomsJoint Symptoms – Retail: $23.95

Joint Symptoms is available but new packaging is being designed. Collagen is one of the best things you can feed your joints to make them stronger, healthier and to build new cartilage. Joint Symptoms requires just 3 gel caps on an empty stomach, in the morning or just before bed, to begin that process of a pain free life today. Most people
notice results after the very first day. Isn’t time you had a pain free life?

How To Sleep Remedy

How to Sleep Remedy (formerly Sleep Weightloss) - Retail : $19.95

Our newest weight loss product is a “sleeper.”  Just 1-2 capsules before bed of these amazing amino acids and you are on your way to a leaner body the next day.  Did we mention you will get the best night sleep as well?

For Gray HairFor Gray Hair – Retail: $19.95

Catalase is an enzyme found to block the uptake of hydrogen peroxide which is a main cause of premature graying.  For Gray Hair means No More Gray or if you have gray hair can mean Gray Away for you.  For men and women.  Get your hair color back again without costing a fortune and the bonus is For Gray Hair is loaded with healthy ingredients your whole body will love.

Fertile ladyFertile Lady- Retail: $19.95

A healthy libido is just as important to women as men but most don’t know that a good libido means that other aspects of fertility are also on target. Fertile Increase for Women is designed to balance out hormones to be your best.

Pomegranate Ellagic AcidPomEllagic Acid – $19.95

PomEllagic Acid is loaded with antioxidant properties from pomegranate juice extracts.

SuperImmune BoosterAlive ProbioticsSuper PRO Immune Booster Pack-Retail: $39.90
Purchase together for only $35.90

Outstanding immune system boosting ingredients coupled with a probiotic blended complex Alive Probiotics with the top probiotics of today in one formula. Plus Super Immune Booster a powerful combination of the top herbs and wholefoods for immune system boosting today. This is THE one-two-punch to beef up your immune system and re-establish your gastro-intestinal tract.

This product was developed to replace Total Immune Booster along with the Super Immune Booster below. Both are stand alone products but purchased together make a powerful and “super” immune boosting experience. Safe and natural; gentle and effective results.

Joint Symptoms

Alive Probiotics

Alive Probiotics / Joint Symptoms Pack

- Retail: $41.90
Purachase together for only $43.90



If you want to relieve joint pain from arthritis you will want something that is going to reestablish the right conditions in your body. Alive Probiotics combined with Joint Symptoms collagen supplement pack that punch from the intestinal tract to a pain free life.

FertilityTrackercycle balance natural progesterone creamFertility Tracker / Cycle Balance Cream Pack – Retail: $62.90
Purchase together for only $59.90

Fertility Tracker and Cycle Balance Progesterone Cream go together like peanut butter and jelly. Ovulation detection in order to conceive is usually followed by ovulation enhancing and then wanting to protect that life after conception.
Save when you purchase both.

Lose While You Snooze capsulesAcai XtraAcai Xtra and Lose While You Snooze Pack – Retail: $39.90  Buy together for $33.00

Acai by day and Lose While You Snooze by night. What a team! Acai will help to control your appetite and level your blood sugar to keep you from those things you don’t want to eat. Lose While You Snooze works while you sleep
at night building collagen which in turns helps to burn fat by day. Save when you buy both.

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